Webinar: Plan Design - Part Two

May 20, 2021 | Employee Share Plan, Plan Design, Webinar


What goes into making a great employee share plan? Is it the type of equity you choose, knowing how to connect it to your company’s strategy, or is it having a clear exit plan?

In this webinar, ‘Equity 101: Plan Design’ we’ll give you our experience on what goes into making an effective and engaging employee share plan. Hosted by John Bagdonas - Global Shares SVP Business Development, and Jon Burg, Partner at Infinite Equity, they explore the key things you need to know when designing your next plan, including how to:

  • Develop your plan in terms of philosophy, design & execution
  • Choose the right equity vehicles for employee stock plans
  • Plan your future exit strategy from the design phase, and why it’s so critical
  • Timing, liquidity & taxation – what you need to know
  • Administrate your plan for smooth execution

From how to match your plan to your company's overall philosophy and purpose, to choosing the right equity vehicles for your stock plans, knowing about taxation issues, and how to plan a future exit strategy right from the beginning, you'll learn the core elements of what goes into a great equity compensation plan.

Whether you’re a private firm, planning to IPO, or are an already publicly listed business, we hope to crystalise some of the key thinking around modern plan design and give you takeaways you can apply in your role straight away.



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