Webinar: When Stock Plans Meet Legal: Lessons to Make Your Life Easier

February 6, 2020 |

An employee stock plan administrator has a myriad of rolls and responsibilities. However, it isn’t just solely focused on having the right documents and reporting metrics to hand during the financial year.

It’s also important that you are operating your plans in the correct manner and working with all of the stakeholder's business wide.

The webinar presents practical examples of what can go wrong operationally, and how best to react when things do go awry.

More importantly, it helps you understand how stock plan administrators can work with their legal and accounting departments to find potential operational problems and identify and correct issues before the eleventh hour when certain correction avenues are closed off. 

Topics include;

  • Stock Plan Administration 101
  • Equity Grant Considerations
  • Grant, Vesting and Exercise of Equity
  • Termination of Employment
  • End of Year Tax Compliance

To view the webinar, please register below.


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