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October 19, 2017 |


What Stock Options and SAR Types does Stock Option Software cover?

Global Shares deals with companies and plans whose locations and plan participants are spread across the globe – this means we deal with every type of stock option grant imaginable and we have ensured our systems can cater for the different stock option grant types and stock appreciation rights plan grants distributed worldwide.

The below table gives a flavor of the stock option and Stock appreciations rights plan grants that we cater for in our system today.

This huge range of stock option grants on offer through our stock option module means clients can display to participants and receive reporting on their stock option grant data the way they want it


What Stock Grant Type are you considering?

What Track every type of stock option & SAR and administer and display your grants the way you want

USA Option Grant Types

NQO – Non Qualified Stock Option
ISO – Incentive Stock Option
PNQO – Performance Non Qualified Option
PISO – Performance Incentive Stock Option


UK Option Grant Types

EMI – Enterprise Management Incentive
CSO – Company Share Option
UKASO – UK Approved Share Option
UKUSO – UK Unapproved Share Option


Rest of World Option Grant Types

OTCO – Over the Counter Option
PO – Premium Option
ESO – Employee Stock Option
CGO – Capital Gains Option


SAR Grant Types

CSAR – Cash Settled Appreciation Right
SSAR – Stock Settled Appreciation Right
UAR – Unit Appreciation Right
PSO – Phantom Share Option


Stock Option Vesting

One of the primary benefits of stock option vesting in Global Shares system is that any type of vesting schedule can be associated with a stock option grant whether it be a simple three year 100% cliff vest or a more complex forty eight month 2.08% vest with associated rounding.

Once stock option vesting has been setup then the automated vesting service means that the vesting schedule associated with the option grant is updating continuously to ensure a correct live balance at all times. Reports are also directly tied into this service as well so that stock option reports are always reporting the correct vested and unvested balances. Participants will also see the same on their front end portal where they can also see intuitive statements showing future vesting coming their way with associated monetary values of those vesting stock option grants.


Stock Options calculator

Ensuring our clients plan participants understand and appreciated what they are receiving when they are granted stock options is paramount to what Global Shares does and to this end we provide through the integrated participant stock option portal educational videos explaining what a stock option is, glossaries providing concise explanations on stock option grants and also interactive stock option calculators which allow the participant to model on their stock option grants.


Exercising Options

Global Shares is an industry-leading provider of equity administration solutions offering highly innovative web based Software specifically designed for companies offering employee stock compensation as well as offering a range of equity services and financial reporting.

We work with large and small, private and public companies with participants in 100+ countries worldwide.

We attribute our success to date to our refreshing client-centric approach, our fully-customizable products and our sharp-minded Team of experienced Compensation Professionals.

Our in-house share plan platform, EquityAdmin, will alleviate all past administrative complexities thanks to our accessible, simplified, user-friendly software.

Once the nonqualified stock option has vested on the administration system it will dynamically show as exercisable on the front end participant view, where exercising options through Global Shares intuitive exercise wizards has never been easier.

Global Shares facilitates the following exercise types for all stock option grants:


  • Same Day Sale/Exercise & Sell All

    The focus of this type of exercise is to generate immediate cash balance, rather than an issuance of stock.

    There is no requirement to make an upfront payment as option costs, applicable taxes and fees are paid with the proceeds of the sale of shares generated from exercising options. The net proceeds in cash are then distributed to the employee. This exercise can be placed either as a market or limit order.

  • Sell to Cover

    The focus of this exercise is to acquire stock without paying for the shares upfront. With a sell to cover exercise, the goal is to cover the non qualified option costs, fees and applicable taxes by selling shares equal to that cost.

    The remaining stock balance will then be issued to the employee. This exercise can only be placed as a market order.

  • Exercise and Hold

    For an exercise and hold, the participant uses their personal funds to cover the option cost, fees and applicable taxes.

    If the participant exercise 100 options, for example, then that participant would pay the cost of the exercise either by check, wire transfer or payroll and would then receive 100 shares of company stock.

  • Withhold to Cover Exercise

    Typically used by private companies this exercise method is similar to sell to cover except that shares are withheld prior to issuance to cover the cost of exercise with the remaining shares being issued into the participant’s name.

    This method can affect how the options are accounted for through financial reporting.

  • When using one of the first two alternatives this means that shares are being sold and Global Shares systems facilitates three types of sale orders including Market Orders, Day Limit Orders and Good until Cancelled Orders.

    Global Shares has also recently introduced the ability to allow participants to exercise both at Grant and Tranche Level. This means that participants can choose the specific tranches they want to exercise as there may be a different tax impact for the exercise of individual tranches.



Grants for a Stock Appreciation Rights Plan

Global Shares doesn’t just cater for stock options but also has the facility to track grants associated with stock appreciation rights plan. That appreciation right can be stock or cash based and will also tie into our Financial Reporting liability methodology if cash based.

Exercising a stock appreciation rights plan grant will generate a cash line or alternatively a share issuance if it is phantom based.

Check out our stock appreciation rights plan demo today for more information on how we cater for grant, vesting, exercise and financial reporting for these appreciation grant types.


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