We've planted a 'global forest' for Patrick's Day

Mar 16, 2021 5:14:31 PM |

For the second year in a row, we're unable to paint the town green with traditional St. Patrick's Day celebrations and parades. So we've decided to go green in a different way - by launching something we feel deeply passionate about - our very own global greening project.

A Global Forest

We've planted a 'global forest', starting with 200 trees in four different countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador and Columbia. And we've chosen seven different species, including macadamia, coffee, guava, passion fruit and others

An online tree diary

We've partnered with Treedom on this initiative and they will be photographing every single tree planted. It will also be geolocated and given its own online page within our ‘global forest’, where we'll get updates throughout its lifetime, as well as information on the benefits the forest is bringing for people and for the planet, as well as introducing the farmer who is taking care of it.


Empowering disadvantaged farming communities

Treedom 4


Our global forest finances a farmer through every element of the tree growing process - from seedling, to replacement of failed plants, training, photo monitoring, health checks and more. The fruit of the trees will then belong to the farmer, to use as a food resource and income support.

More benefits of tree planting than you'd think

Financing small agroforestry projects through our 'global forest' brings a multitude of environmental and social benefits:

- Global CO2 absorption - Over the next ten years these trees will absorb 43,000kg of CO2, enough to fill up 224 trucks
- Combat soil erosion and desertification
- Protection of biodiversity
- Train farmers in disadvantaged regions of the world
- Directly fund local communities
- Create income opportunities and empowerment

Visit our Global Forest

You can check out our 'global forest' by clicking here

We look forward to getting the diary updates and watching our Global Forest grow.

Wishing everyone a very green, safe and happy St. Patrick's Day.



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