Does it feel like scaling Mount Whitney?

Apr 9, 2019 12:06:42 PM | Articles

We both know that the competition to attract and retain the best employees has never been this challenging.

Changing working habits, a mobile workforce, and employee demands and expectations of what their workplace should be like, can make locating, securing, and keeping the best staff a daunting process. We understand that it really does feel like ascending Mount Whitney.

However, what if we told you that there was a simple and easily actionable tool that will help you race to the summit of the mountain, and that will turn your organization into a beacon that shines brightly to those that you want to attract, and for those that you want to keep?

The answer? Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

Equity Compensation is increasingly used by private and public companies to improve their performance, and to compete to win the best talent. Statistically, employee owned firms out-perform other companies in terms of productivity, profitability, growth, and employee satisfaction.

Employee share ownership is not just a feel-good factor. It fundamentally changes the culture within companies.

  • It engages and motivates employees
  • It creates better internal communication
  • It enables both the employer and employee to make significant savings
  • It allows your employees to create long term wealth

At Global Shares we have designed a market leading solution to the challenges that exist in administrating complex employee stock plans. As an evolving and highly innovative company, our singular focus and technical expertise has redefined equity plan management solutions.

We also believe in the power of partnerships, and in working together with our clients to create bespoke employee stock ownership plans that will be a key tool as you climb to the peak of the talent summit.

Click Here to see how we can make equity administration easy for you and your team.






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