Taxes, Taxes and more Taxes – You don’t have to put yourself through this pain next year.

Apr 16, 2019 2:40:35 PM | Financial Reporting

Tax, equity compensation and bureaucracy. It’s a yearly CFO headache, but what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this painful?

Tax calculations have become increasingly complicated due to the increased reality of multinational and multi-state workforces.

Global Shares designs and delivers innovative global employee stock plan administration solutions, all with a focus on mobile and international workforce Our EquityAdmin tax module is a dynamic, accurate, and user-friendly software tool that takes the hassle out of calculating participants’ tax at the time of a transaction.

The EquityAdmin tax module can help you calculate participant taxes and inform participants of their tax liabilities. It also accommodates multiple countries and state rates and limits. Most importantly, it adds the transaction income to compensation income to provide your company with the total tax data to process at the time of the transaction.

So, avoid the yearly tax headaches. Simplify your tax reporting and save both your time and money.

Read more about our financial reporting software solutions here: Financial Reporting

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