Webinar: Global Employee Equity Trends - How Should You Respond?

May 14, 2019 5:45:42 PM |

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There’s no doubt that the working world is changing at an unprecedented pace and scale.

The modern global workforce is more multi-generational, multi-faceted and mobile than ever.  There are new laws, and increased enforcement. Non-traditional service arrangements with consultants and 'gig' economy workers are becoming the norm.

Global employers are challenged to design and administer employee equity plans that will attract, retain and motivate the brightest and best talent.  Playback our webinar discussing the latest trends in equity incentive plans and determine how your company should respond.


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Guest speaker Denise Glagau of Baker McKenzie and Global Shares' host John Bagdonas discuss how companies are adapting their strategies and how equity compensation can help.


Some of the key trends discussed include:

  • Changing employment trends - gender pay gap disclosure, a new culture of personal data privacy, a modern digitally connected workforce
  • Holding and deferral periods -optimizing features to get the balance right for all parties
  • Retirement vesting - playing the long game
  • Automation - using automatic processes to make it easy for employees to participate in equity plans
  • Fractional shares and dividend equivalents - slicing and dicing equity to maximize benefits
  • Employee loans - lending employees the funds they need to fully participate
  • Clawbacks 2.0 - addressing reputational and other damage to the business

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